6 Ladder Safety Tips for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Whether you need a closer look at your shingles, are touching up exterior paint, or are pulling debris out of your gutters, home maintenance often calls us skyward. The very best option is to call a professional who is equipped to safely handle your particular need.

If you do decide to pull out your ladder and go to work, we have a few basic safety tips that are important to keep in mind.

Ladder Safety 101

ladder safety while house painting

  • Give your ladder a quick check. Especially if it’s borrowed, assuming it’s in good repair can be dangerous. Look for dirt or caked on coatings that might make the rungs slick too.
  • Find only solid ground to base your ladder on. A precarious or uneven surface just isn’t worth the risk.
  • Wear grippy, rubber-soled shoes. Flip flops are definitely a no-no when it comes to working in the air.
  • Make sure your ladder reaches at least three feet above the highest level at which you’ll be working.
  • As you ascend, descend, and perform your work, keep your shoulders within the width of the rails to ensure stability. Lots of leaning and stretching is a bad idea.
  • Keep away from power lines! Especially if you’re on a metal ladder, this can be extremely dangerous. Not many people realize that electricity can arc to your ladder as well, so making direct contact is not the only danger.

Call a Painting Professional to Meet Your Exterior Painting Needs!

The team here at Paint of WNY is ready to help, and to handle all of your painting needs. Be sure to contact us today!

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