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How Do You Clean a Paintbrush? And Why Is It Important?

A lot of folks think that a paintbrush is kind of a disposable tool, and that they’re all created basically equal. You buy your paint, find the cheapest brush possible, and you’re off to work.

That’s really not accurate…

Investing in a quality paint brush that is designed for the kind of painting you’ll be doing is essential. It makes your work more effective, offers more control, and is a tool that you can use over and over and over again.

And, just as important as picking the right tool initially, it’s also important to thoroughly and properly clean your brush. This extends its life and ensures that it’s ready for your next project when you need it.

Cleaning Your Paintbrush In 5 Simple Steps

  1. Remove the Extra – Paint isn’t cheap, so it makes sense to save it however you can. Be sure to wipe any extra off your bristles and back into the can. This also makes your cleaning process a little easier.
  2. Rinse – Run the bristles of your brush under a faucet. And, be sure to rinse from the bottom of the bristles (by the handle) to the top, and never back down toward the handle.
  3. Clean – As you rinse, squeeze the bristles and gently comb through them with your fingers or a wire brush, just to eliminate any chunks.
  4. Wash – Once the paint is gone and the water flowing through is clear, use liquid dish detergent and massage it through the bristles.
  5. Dry and Hang – After this is done, hang your brush upside down and let it thoroughly dry.  Then, ideally you would use a storage sleeve to keep the bristles in their proper form.

Can We Help You with Your Next Home Painting Project?

One easy way to avoid washing your paintbrush is to never need one in the first place! The team here at Paint of WNY would love the opportunity to serve you, bringing you clean brushes, fantastic work, and beautiful results. Contact us today!


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