How Can You Increase Your Small Business’ Curb Appeal?

You know, we hear a lot about curb appeal for homes, and especially during this time of year. We get that! This is a perfect season for updating, refreshing, and boosting your property’s marketability.

But, what if you’re a small business owner? Curb appeal is just as important for you, and maybe even more so. You may not be selling your property in a real estate sense, but you do need to sell your property to passers-by and visitors.

With you in mind, we’ve put together a few tips for reeling people in.

Exterior Commercial Painting

Painting truly is an incredibly powerful way to create an attractive, recognizable establishment. It’s also a relatively fast way to update an older property, or put your own spin on the existing color scheme.

increasing commercial curb appeal

How Clear Is Your Parking?

Large, big box stores have the benefit of massive parking lots that simply can’t be missed. If you own a smaller store, however, parking sometimes isn’t quite as obvious, or might be shared. When that’s the case, it’s crucial to quickly and clearly show folks where to go. If they slow down to see your storefront but can’t tell where to land as traffic slows behind them, they’ll likely just keep moving.

Keep the Storefront Clean and Engaging

A fresh, clean, inviting storefront with clear signage can draw someone in, but messy or dirty entryways are a turn-off. If an issue is out of your control, contact the property owner or manager to find out what can be done about it. It’s simply not worth the risk.

How Can You Stand Out?

Your city and town will likely have regulations that guide your options for signage, but there often is room for creativity when it comes to storefront displays and decorations. With your goals and target clientele in mind, do all you can to stand out from the surrounding businesses. Sometimes even a clever and frequently changed message in your window or by your door can be just what’s needed to catch people’s attention and get them talking. Bringing a smile to someone’s face is one of the best forms of marketing.

Do You Need Help with Your Commercial Painting Needs?

The Paint of WNY team is here and ready to serve you. Let’s make your space your own, and make it memorable for your clients, customers, and guests.


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