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The Story Behind Paint of WNY

While Mike Giordano was earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York in Buffalo, he started to become interested in entrepreneurship. After taking several classes on the topic of starting a business, Mike began formulating his own plans and researched what kind of business a motivated, hard-working person could start without a lot of cash for start-up costs.

In the summer of 2003, Mike founded Paint of WNY. As is often the case, things started small. Specifically, Mike’s operation included his trusty pickup truck, ladders, and painting tools that he bought on credit. That first summer that he was in business Mike and his small crew completed 40 exterior, residential painting projects. Right away it was obvious that Paint of WNY was something special, and it was obvious to their clients as well. They offered excellent customer service, high-quality products, and a dedication to a clean, neat work environment.

Paint of WNY continued to be fully-operational during the summers while Mike finished his time at the State University of New York. When he graduated, it seemed only natural to pour himself completely into his painting company. Having come a long way since that original pickup truck, Mike today has 16-20 full-time professional painters on staff, a fleet of 6 vans, and a variety of specialized painting and lifting equipment.

While things have certainly grown, the attitude and mentality that drive the business are exactly the same. Mike’s commitment to quality and excellence is stronger than ever, along with a level of personalized service that has made the company one of the most sought-after painting contractors in the Greater Buffalo and Niagara region.

Our Community Involvement

Paint of WNY believes in doing well by doing good. We firmly subscribe to the belief that if we do good things for the Buffalo/WNY community, the community will support us as well. This is why we choose to invest in many local causes in the best fashion that we can, including sponsoring events, making financial donations, offering our services for in-kind projects, and volunteering. We are proud to give 1% of our revenue to support local causes and complete hundreds of hours of community service annually.

Causes we support

Our Vision and Values

We firmly believe that every company needs a guiding vision and values; a direction to both help it through peaks and valleys as well as to provide daily motivation.

Paint of WNY Vision:

Paint of WNY Values: